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2024 Faculty RSVP 

Faculty Letter RSVP

Will you be presenting?
Can we use your AAOS Disclosure?
Can we highlight you on our Social Media Pages?

We would like to provide our exhibitors with information about attendees to allow easier follow-up after the conference. This helps reduce the need to exchange contact information and focus on discussing the innovative products and opportunities that our exhibitors share.

Curriculum Vitae

Submit CV or Biosketch

Upload your CV or biosketch for the CME Application

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Signing Contract

Complete Separate CME Faculty Disclosure

If your AAOS Financial Disclosure is not up to date or you have elected to provide a separate disclosure, please submit the faculty disclosure form for SEFS 2023


Submit Presentation Materials

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Upload presentation materials that you would like to provide prior to SEFS 2023

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Social Media

Upload your headshot to include on our social media page. Fill in your bio that you would like included or check the box for us to create one for you!

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